The Sims Vine

Introducing The Loave Family in The Sims 4.

The Sims Vine – The Naughty or Nice List!

Are you on the naughty or nice list?

Published on 25th December 2016

The Sims Vine – Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

“You Better Watch Out…. You Better Not Cry!”
Introducing Zoe singing Christmas Carols.

Published on 24th December 2016

The Sims Vine – The Evil Elf from the South Pole

Zoe was introduced to a friendly Elf but she wasn’t normal.

Published on 22nd December 2016

The Sims Vine – It’s Christmas Time!

Sorry, you just missed it! It’s Christmas time!

Published on 4th December 2016

The Sims Vine – Dad Knows How To Twerk!

Jane introduced to her dad dancing on the dance floor and it turned out terribly wrong!

Published on 1st December 2016

The Sims Vine – Karaoke Disaster!

Jane introduced to her dad singing on the karaoke and it turned into a disaster!

Published on 16th November 2016

The Sims Vine – Burger Trouble!

Zoe found a delicious burger and then she got into trouble because she ate the entire burger in a couple of minutes!

Published on 7th November 2016

The Sims Vine – Trick or Treat!

Zoe and Jane are Trick or Treat to every neighbourhood in Oasis Springs, until they met a Harry Potter fan who scared off the girls.

Published on 31st October 2016

The Sims Vine – Fighting To Wear For Halloween!

Jake and Zoe are fighting to wear a Police Officer costume and then fighting to wear a Grim Reaper costume for Halloween!

Published on 28th October 2016

The Sims Vine – Wazzup Grim!

Zofia sleeps during the movie until she spooked by her brother, and both of them gets spooked by a Grim Reaper!

Published on 21st October 2016

The Sims Vine – Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters!

In this video, Jake and Zofia are surviving in the darkness; then suddenly goes wrong!

Published on 7th October 2016


This is a fictional family official web page of The Loave Family. A Sims 4 based filmography and photography.

About The Loave Family

The Loave Family is a fictional loving and caring family in The Sims 4 created by Ansett4Sims also known as Jonathan in Australia. The Loave Family Vine & Vlog channel is about recording their life and share the videos on social media, which consists of John, Terry, Jake, Jane and Zofia. The show is set in the fictional town of Willow Lodge in The Sims 4.

The Loave Family is the longest sim family in the sims community and they were created in The Sims 2. Loave is a combination of loathe and love. Meaning that you loath and love someone. He’s the man of my dreams we are meant to be together. I am so in loave with him.

The Loave Family is part of RomerJon17 Productions™ and Ansett4Sims.

©2017 RomerJon17 Productions™


The Sims Vine is a fan made and entertainment series for The Sims 4 and it’s not affiliated, maintained, authorised, endorsed or sponsored with Vine.