Supporting the Community

Machinima Inc.

YouTube Partner

Machinima, Inc. is a gaming and media streaming website and a multi-channel network. originated as a hub for machinima, videos created in real-time video game environments. RomerJon17 Productions and Ansett4Sims is proud to be a partner with Machinima Inc. for making Sims 3 & 4 Machinima videos. RomerJon17 Productions joined Machinima Inc. since October 2013.
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Ansett Australia

Former Australian Airline

Ansett Australia was commonly known in earlier years, was a major Australian airline group, based in Melbourne. The airline flew domestically within Australia and from the 1990s to destinations in Asia. The airline was placed into administration in 2001 after suffering a financial collapse and subsequently organised liquidation in March 2002. Ansett4Sims aka Jonathan is a member of a fan supporter in Ansett Australia Group.
Ansett4Sims is proudly supporting former Australian airline Ansett Australia.
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