Sim Teleport Tutorial

Love and cuddle poses for kids and family.

The Sims 4 Teleporter Mod

This kind of mod script which is called “Teleport Any Sim specially made by scumbumbo”. is really useful to centre more than one sim on the first tile, rather than using in-game teleport and other objects. Sims Teleporter saves a lot of time to get all your sims on the right position. Here is a special tutorial how to do it.

1. Gather your sims and prepare

Locate your sims to a special spot where you want to take a group photograph.

2. Export Sim Teleporter Destination

Export the Sim Teleporter Destination to your spot and the teleporter can be found in Decorations>Miscellaneous or search “Sim Teleporter Destination” on the search bar. When you have the object placed on the grid, go back to live mode and click “Teleport Sim”. Teleport Sim command will bring a sim to the location of the statue. The sim will be reset to cancel whatever they may be doing and be instantly moved to the destination replacing the statue.

This kind of group pose pack requires 5 people to gather together, so you must have five Sim Teleporter Destination on the same spot.

3. Teleport a Sim with a Sim Teleporter Destination

When you have selected your sim to teleport. it will move to the destination replacing the statue. Do the same thing to other sims. When you have all the sims teleported on the same spot, start reserving some pose for each sim.

4. Final Stage

When you have, all the sims are gathering together in your preferred spot. You can finally take a lovely photograph of your sims in a group.