Kids Casual

Kids Pose Pack No.3

I made all the poses straight from Target catalogue in Christmas Edition 2015. There were quite a lot of great poses in the catalogue so I made them nicely for The Sims 4. These poses are useful Create A Sim mode for taking new clothes and others. I hope you’ll enjoy my custom poses for kids.


Before downloading this kind of custom pack. You must have Sims4Studio Pose Player imported into your mod folder.
This pose pack overrides Loner trait in Create A Sim mode and it’s not necessary to use the slow motion cheat.
This download contain one package file. Please ensure you store the package file in the Mod Folder via Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods.
Download Pose Player

Original Artist

These kinds of custom poses are specially made by Ansett4Sims.

Additional Credits

A special thanks to both useful tools to create custom pose for The Sims 4.