McDonald’s Menu

TV Units

PACKAGE UP TO DATE 14th October 2018
Please message Ansett4Sims if the mod is not functioning properly.

As you noticed in many McDonald’s Restaurant now have digital menu boards playing on LCD televisions. I managed to stop the sims from changing the channel autonomously and this television only plays two channels which are; McDonald’s Menu and McDonald’s Queue for the kitchen. This took me a lot of days to figure out how to manage to unlock two channels and play only two channels. McDonald’s Digital Menu Board are downloaded from Diane Andreoni channel on YouTube and processed with Sims4Studio and other software’s.


This download contain package file. Please ensure you store the package file in the Mod Folder via Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods.


Requirements & Read Me



314 Polygons

486 Vertices

Please make sure you have EP, GP, SP and MP listed below installed to your PC or MAC to use this custom content.

This mod is replaced with the older package LCD Television. You no longer have to switch any channel. This mod overrides “dynamicSign_FestivalOccuring_States”

Original Artist

These objects are specially modified by Ansett4Sims.

Additional Credits

A special thanks to both useful tools to create custom content for The Sims 4.