Lutastic Gym

Community Lot No.2

My second pool facility with an indoor swimming pool! This community lot includes 4 running machines, 4 punching bags and 4 body works. Also this include a special bar but there are no bartenders in the bar area because this lot type is set as Gym. Look for someone to make some drinks but don’t make them drunk!


This leads to The Sims 4 Gallery for users who has an Electronic Arts ID. Click add to my library and my creation will be saved into your My Library tab in The Sims 4 Gallery.
This is a tray download for offline users. Please ensure you store all the files in the Tray Folder via Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Tray.


Please note, this community lot is custom content free.


Please make sure you have EP, GP and SP listed below installed to use this lot.


Gym Lot

40 x 30

Fully Furnished

2 Storeys High

No Bedroom

4 Bathrooms

This lot is designed for only base game use. No expansion pack, stuff pack or game pack required.

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