Final McDonald’s Restaurant

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Machinima Music Videos

Directed by Ansett4Sims & Produced by RomerJon17 Productions

Céline Dion – To Love You More 5:43

It’s finally here of Celine Dion in The Sims 4 Machinima – Celine Dion – To Love You More voice-over featuring Jane Loave as a talented violinist!

Vanessa Carlton – A Thousand Miles 5:23

Sydney Caroline who sneaked in the stage room and played the piano “Vanessa Carlton – A Thousand Miles”. The green screen was active with the background travelling Mornington Peninsula to Daylesford and back in Australia.

Savage Garden – To The Moon & Back 6:02

This Machinima Music video is about a girl who is an alien disguise and she didn’t know she was an alien. She was an adopted child living in the earth and she was taken to a right place for her to live in for the rest of the life.